Outward: Armor Crafting Recipes

Outward Armor Crafting Recipes

Armor Crafting Recipes

These recipes do not require a special station to be made. These can be made straight from your inventory.

Recipe Requirements Description
Plank Shield 1x Wood 2x Linen Cloth
Ammonite Armor 1x Ammonite 1x Padded Armor 1x Palladium Ore
Ammonite Helm 1x Ammonite 1x Padded Helm 1x Palladium Scrap
Ammonite Boots 1x Ammonite 1x Padded Boots 1x Palladium Scrap
Cauldron Helmet 1x Cooking Pot (scrap)
Makeshift Leather Hat 1x Helmet (any) 1x Hide
Makeshift Leather Attire 1x Armor (any) 2x Hide
Makeshift Leather Boots 1x Boots (any) 1x Hide
Scaled Leather Hat 1x Any basic hat 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Attire 1x Any basic armor 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Boots 1x Any basic boots 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Horror Shield 1x Horror Chitin 1x Fang Shield 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Occult Remains 18 Impact Resistance
Fang Shield 1x Round Shield 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth 12 Impact Resistance
Chitin Desert Tunic 1x Desert Tunic 1x Insect Husk
Gold-Lich Shield 1x Gold-Lich Mechanism 1x Round Shield 1x Firefly Powder
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