Outward: Kazite Spellblade Skill Tree & Trainer Location

Outward Guide

Kazite Spellblade Skill Tree

Chersonese is a bit unique in that there’s only 1 trainer in the city, the other is the wind hermit. To get to him travel through the fort just a bit north of the mountain and go through it to get to the Wind Cabal temple and he’s in there.

Eto Akiyuki: Cierzo (Chersonese)

Shield Charge: Stamina cost 15, cooldown 30. Requires shield. Rush forward to hit foes with your shield for high impact. Can hit the target twice and inflict the confusion status effect.

Steady Arm: Increases Impact resistance by 15 while you are blocking.

Fitness: Increase your max health by 25 and the amount of health you restore by sleeping by 20%.

Spellblade’s Awakening: Increase your max health, stamina, and mana by 15 each.

Infuse Fire: Mana cost 15. Requires warm boon. Temporarily adds fire damage to your melee weapon and inflicts burning on enemies. Consumes your warm boon.

Infuse Frost: Mana gost 15. Requires cold boon. Temporarily adds frost damage to your melee weapon and inflicts Slow Down on enemies. Consumes your cool boon.

Elemental Discharge: Mana cost 15, cooldown 10. Requires infused weapon. Shoot a projectile of the element that is infused on your weapon.

Gong Strike: Stamina cost 11, Cooldown 30. Requires infused weapon and shield. Strike your weapon on your shield, removing the elemental infusion to make an explosion of that element.

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