Outward: Rogue Skill Tree & Trainer Location

Outward Guide

Rogue Skill Tree

Trainer Location
Styx Levant (Abrassar Desert)
Skill Cost / Cooldown Requirements Description Training Fee
Backstab Stamina 5 Cooldown 15s Dagger (equipped) Triple the Damage and Impact of any dagger attack that hits target’s back. 50 Silver
Opportunist Stab Stamina 5 Cooldown 10s Dagger (equipped) Deal double damage with enhanced knockback against targets inflicted with Pain or Confusion status. If the target has both ailments, then effect becomes quadrupled instead. 100 Silver
Sweep Kick Stamina 12 Cooldown 15s N/A Perform a high Impact attack in a wide arc in front of player. Targets inflicted with the Confusion ailment will be knocked down instantly. 50 Silver
Pressure Plate Training N/A (Passive) N/A Player learns how to craft and deploy Pressure Plate traps that can armed with a variety of charges. 50 Silver
Feather Dodge N/A (Passive) N/A Consume 50% less Stamina when performing dodge rolls. Equipped backpacks no longer negatively affect dodging ability. 1 Breakthrough Point; 500 Silver
Serpent’s Parry Stamina 7 Cooldown 100s Dagger (equipped) Counter incoming physical attack that stuns target if they are already afflicted with Confusion, or applies Extreme Bleeding if target is already afflicted with Pain. 600 Silver
Stealth Training N/A (Passive) N/A Enemies have a harder time spotting you. Note that sprinting or carrying a light source will still blow your cover as normal. Do note that learning this skill will prevent you from learning Pressure Plate Expertise. 600 Silver
Pressure Plate Expertise N/A (Passive) N/A Increase effective of Pressure Plate Traps, and allows player to re-arm any traps already laid with new charges. Do note that learning this skill will prevent you from learning Stealth Training. 600 Silver
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