Risk of Rain 2: All Yellow Items (Boss)

Risk of Rain 2 All Yellow Items (Boss)

All Yellow Items (Boss)

Titanic Knurl
Effect: Increase maximum health by 40 (+40 per stack) points, and increase health regeneration by 1.6 (+1.6 per stack) health per second.
Stacking: Linear
Associated Boss: Stone Titan

Notes: It’s not terrible. It does provide a decent amount of protection to a squishy character instantly, and the health regeneration is welcome. However an item like Infusion can give you up to 2.5x as much maximum health as this item can on its own (though kills are required), and a personal shield generator will instantly give you 25 shields (though no regeneration). It may be better saved for classes that need the health (Huntress, Artificer, Etc).

Queen’s Gland
Effect: Summon an allied Beetle Guard with 100% health and 300% damage. If any Beetle Guards die, a new guard is summoned every 30 seconds. Can have up to 1 (+1 per stack) Guards active at one time.
Stacking: Linear (Guard count), No stacking (Guard Damage/Health/Respawn Speed)
Associated Boss: Beetle Queen

Notes: It’s also not terrible. The guards are rather tanky and provide a great distraction. They can also deal good damage to groups on account of their attacks, and respawn fairly quickly if put out of action. They also benefit from healing items they may wander into or have used on them (Bustling Fungus or similar healing areas). Their only downfall is they are useless against flying enemies, but despite this will continually try to attack them anyways. Can help keep enemies distracted from squishier classes.

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