The Outer Worlds Cleaning Machine Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Companion Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds includes Companion Quests that are optional to complete, and are played through to strengthen the relationship with non-player characters (NPCs) in the party.

Each companion has their own quests, some more than one that not only rewards players with good loot, money and XP but could also potentially unlock more quests.

Cleaning Machine Quest Guide

This Companion Quest will be unlocked once after you leave the Emerald Vale, and during the main quest Passage to Anywhere.

You will get your hands on an inoperative auto-mechanical in the supply closet, the unit will only show a name SAM. You will have to ask ADA more about the auto-mechanical unit.

ADA will tell you that there may be information about repairing the device in Alex Hawthorne’s Quarters, thus you will find entries on the Alex Hawthorne’s terminal. The entries will be about the captain’s attempts to make SAM into a unit that is capable of combat.

The captain wanted to change the unit’s S.U.D.S Steeper by an Acid Steeper, which was to be collected from Roseway Gardens, in the Storage Facility that will be South of the landing pad.

You will need a passcode to get to the area, you will get the passcode if you hack the terminal in Auntie-Biotics Lab.

Once you’re gotten the Acid Steeper, you will have to go back to change the old Steeper with the Acid Steeper.

You will get one thousand (1,000) Bit Cartridge, over nineteen thousand (19,200) XP, and the completion of this Companion Quest will also unlock SAM.