The Outer Worlds Empty Man Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Companion Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds includes Companion Quests that are optional to complete, and are played through to strengthen the relationship with non-player characters (NPCs) in the party.

Each companion has their own quests, some more than one that not only rewards players with good loot, money and XP but could also potentially unlock more quests.

Empty Man Quest Guide

This Companion Quest will only be available if you complete The Illustrated Manual and recruit Vicar Max.

First, you will have to locate the Groundbreaker’s security terminal as Max believes that he can track the scholar if he gains access to a data cartridge from the terminal.

As the security office will be in a restricted area, you will have to find a Mardet ID cartridge to use the Holographic Shroud.

Once you’re at the terminal, remove the Data Cartridge and give it to Max. He will hack the cartridge to track the scholar’s location. The scholar will be located in a rented domicile in Fallbrook on Monarch.

Head to the scholar’s location along with Max. Once you’re at the location, you will find out that the scholar, Reginal Chaney will not be home, which is why you will have to search his place for any possible hints about where he might have gone to.

Upon searching, you will find a note in his domicile, that will tell you that Chaney has be in search for gold from a river located in the outskirts of the town.

Go to the river with Max, where you will find out that a scholar is a different person whom Max met in prison. Max will want to talk to the hermit, who originally owned the Journal.

After this, you will have to enter the Philosophist-hermit’s chamber for meditation and take part in the meditative aid. This will allow you to experience a vision quest alongside Max, in which you will have to help Max navigate through the vision and quest and aid him in completing it by confronting his hallucinations.

Once Max finishes hallucinating, talk to him and see if he has found the answers that he had been in search of.

You will get over two thousand (2,200) Bit Cartridge, over nineteen thousand (19,200) XP, and at the completion of this quest you will also be given Incense Vessel, which is a quest item in The Outer Worlds.