The Outer Worlds Low Crusade Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Companion Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds includes Companion Quests that are optional to complete, and are played through to strengthen the relationship with non-player characters (NPCs) in the party.

Each companion has their own quests, some more than one that not only rewards players with good loot, money and XP but could also potentially unlock more quests.

Low Crusade Quest Guide

After you complete the Companion Quest Worst Contact, and recruit Ellie, speak to her on The Unreliable after you go to Byzantium. Go to the Fenhill Estate to talk to Ellie’s parents.

Ellie will be outside the Estate, go talk to her about her plan to steal the insurance money, and agree on helping her. Now you will have to go to the Greater Halcyon Insurance Group and examine the mailbox located right next to two guards in Prosperity Plaza. You will see the closed Auntie Cleo’s Salon Club right across your destination.

After this, you will have to go to Fallbrook on Monarch and register a fake account, after which you will talk to the Insurance Agent and change the beneficiary on Marilyn Fenhill’s life insurance policy.

The Insurance Agent will exclaim that you can not make this change, but you may do this on the terminal in the backroom. You can also consider bribing her or intimidating her to do it.

You may Lockpick the back room’s lock or Pickpocket the back room’s key from the Insurance Agent. After you’ve changed the beneficiary to Ellie, go back to Ellie and speak to her to complete the Companion Quest.

You will get sixty thousand (60,000) XP, and over one thousand (1,313) Bit Cartridges along with a Framed Insurance Check.