The Outer Worlds Star-Crossed Troopers Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds Companion Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds includes Companion Quests that are optional to complete, and are played through to strengthen the relationship with non-player characters (NPCs) in the party.

Each companion has their own quests, some more than one that not only rewards players with good loot, money and XP but could also potentially unlock more quests.

Star-Crossed Troopers Quest Guide

This Companion Quest will only be available if you complete the Passion Pills and recruit Nyoka. Talk to Nyoka once you’ve exited Monarch Wilderness, she will ask for your help for a dangerous task, accept to start the quest.

You will first have to visit Hayes’ Grave along side Nyoka. She will give you the directions to the spot.

After which you will need to give Nyoka the Medallions which you will loot from Anderson and Rebekah who will be lying dead on the floor, after you defeat a group of Marauders at the Abandoned Spacer’s Choice Settlement. The medallions will have CHARON written on them.

Then you will ask Hiram to help you track down Nyoka’s lost friends. Hiram will give you the coordinates of the Outpost in Emerald Vale, where Rebekah and Anderson went.

Search the Outpost for Revekah’s and Anderson’s remains and retrieve their medallions. After which you will need to colelct three Pheromone Glands from Pungent Primals. Note that the mantiqueen will only come out if she believes that there’s an ongoing threat of the invasion of her territory.

You will have to go to Scylla to get Primal Pheromone Glands. Once you’re here, go to the navigation markers and put down the Pungent Primal Behemoths and loot the Pheromone Gland, which you will have to give to Nyoka.

Now go back to Monarch to kill the Mantiqueen, whom you will find at the southern end of the map. Consider fast traveling to the C&P Boarst Factory. You will need the password Charon, given to you by Nyoka, to unlock the door to Mantisaur Hive.

Loot Opal and Clara’s bodies, put down the Mantisaurs, and place the Glands at the navigation points. After this you will have to kill the Mantiqueen with her minions. Once you’re done, talk to Nyoka to receive your awards and examine the graves to complete the Quest.

You will get thirty-eight thousand (38,000) XP, and twenty-five hundred (1,313) Bit Cartridges along with a Framed Photograph.

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