Vainglory: Basic Guide (Tips for Beginners)

Vainglory Basic Guide (Tips for Beginners)

Vainglory is an award winning free-to-play cross-platform MOBA featuring incredible graphics, precision controls and competitive gameplay parity across all platforms. Vainglory lets you party with your friends and match up with players around the world on desktop or mobile!

The Basics

Did you know Vainglory has an Academy in-game? If you are a new player, you should totally check it out.

I suggest you take a look at the game Academy since it explains a lot of things you need to know. This guide is intended to improving your gameplay (dying less, killing more, winning more) and to giving you a general understanding of the game.

Vainglory is a game about skill, strategy and teamwork.

Skill means you have to die little, or don’t even die if possible, and kill a lot of enemies. Vainglory is not like some action RPGs where you just click enemies and you win. It’s not like that. Here it takes precision, timing, reflexes, skill. You won’t just click your enemies until they die, that will simply not work. You have to understand your hero, their strengths and weaknesses and that takes time and practice. I will show you the basic so you don’t die and you may kill a few enemies.

Strategy means, as I said, not just clicking. You have to build your hero properly (the right items for the right moment) and you have to know when to attack and when to run. You’ll learn this here.

Teamwork means you can’t ignore your team. You’re playing in a team after all. Even if you are a very good player, if it is very hard to win a teamfight against 5 enemies if you are alone. It’s not impossible, but it is very hard. Why would you make your life very hard?

This guy in the video is probably not a new player. He knows how to use skills and he made a good build. You will be able to do that someday, but don’t try to do that today.

In this guide I’ll show you how to become stronger, make smart plays and how to work with your team.

Like in any MOBA, in Vainglory to become strong you must acquire experience and gold. You earn both by last-hitting minions (the little monsters fighting each other in the lanes). You also earn by killing enemy heroes, but I advise you NOT TO DO THAT early in the match unless you are an experienced player. You may end up dying if you try to do it too early. Just keep killing minions.

And read what each of your skills do. You don’t have to know the numbers, simply know if your A is a stun, if you B makes you faster, if your C chases enemies etc., just the basics.

The Items

Item building in Vainglory takes a lot of strategy, and there will never be a consensus.

However, some things work best for most. In this guide I will only cover the basics, since each update the stats of items change, so there’s no point of me telling what’s best if that is going to change next month.

You should know this:

There are three kinds of items in Vainglory. Weapon, crystal and utility.

Weapon are the red items. What they do is they improve your basic attack. That’s it. They make your basic attack stronger, or faster, or add lifesteal to it, or they make it pierce amor and so on. They affect your basic attack. Some skills may be affected by these items and some not. Remember to read your skills.

Crystal are the blue items. What they do is they improve your skills. That’s it. Some of them may improve your basic attack but that’s only for some heroes. They are most commonly used by “mage” heroes but many heroes can also benefit from these items. There are many possibilities in Vainglory. There is no right way to build a character, there is only the basic and the most common. The “best” way to build a character depends on your team, the enemy team and how do you play.

Utility items are the rest. They do lots of different things. Some give you health, some make you faster (boots), some give you more map vision (“scouts”, “wards”), some give you and your teammate barriers. Unless you are playing the support (the yellow crown), don’t worry about these items. You only have to buy boots and armor if you are not support. If you are support, then besides boots you will also have to buy some more utility items.

Some players like to buy stormcrown (an utility item) for some junglers. I never liked doing that, and I win a lot of matches without ever doing that. I don’t see any point of recommending anyone to buy that, since it may be weakened next patch or something. It is simply not necessary and unimportant.


Now that you know how to make money and to get stronger and how to build items, it’s time to fight. Vainglory is a team game and you win by destroying the enemy crystal vain. Of course the enemy team doesn’t want you to do that so they will try to stop and kill you first.

If you are a new player or average-experienced player, and you’ve read my guide and you know your skills, then you may 1v1 enemies (“duel”), but DON’T GO TOO FAR from your tower or they’ll gank you. Gank means a second enemy will appear out of nowhere and HE WILL KILL YOU. So you may attack a single enemy, yes, but don’t run too far from your tower. Always remain a little close so you can run back to safety. And buy boots since boots give you a temporary speed bonus to run from fights where you would normally die.

DON’T EVER engage in 1v2, that means don’t fight two enemies if you’re alone. It’s just stupid. Don’t do that. Stay under the tower and wait for reinforcements. If the tower is close to being destroyed, forget it and run to an inner tower (another tower closer to your base, in the same lane).

When your team is fighting the enemy team, ALWAYS GO TO HELP THEM. This is for all new and average-experienced players. Only expert players know how to capture Ghostwing or Blackclaw alone. Unless you are an expert, and if you are you wouldn’t be reading this guide, DON’T DO THIS. GO TO HELP YOUR TEAM. STAY WITH YOUR TEAM WHEN THEY ARE FIGHTING ALL TOGETHER. THIS WINS GAMES.

Now, you must learn positioning.

For the purpose of this guide, I will divide the heroes in four categories:
Distance damage-dealer (gunslingers, archers, mages)
Close damage-dealer (warriors)
Tank/ Tank Support (tanks)
Distance support (supports who aren’t tanks)

Of course these categories don’t exist in the game, I just made this to be easier for you to understand. There is no such thing as a class in Vainglory, you play how you want, but this is how most people will play at the beginning and in early ranks and early games. So this works for beginners.

If you deal high damage from a distance, you probably don’t have lots of health and defense. So you should stay away from the frontline. You should let others (tanks) to go in the front and you should stay behind firing from there.

If you are a warrior of course you have to get close to deal damage. But don’t go all blind and stupid since this will get you killed. Wait for the tank to go first, and you should be the SECOND HERO to charge. The tank, then you. Don’t wait for anybody else.

If you are a tank of course you have to go first.

If you are a distance support (which means a support who doesn’t have a lot of defense and life) then you can’t go front. This one is tricky, I advise in this case warriors to go first and the support to go right after so he can either heal him or stun the enemies.

Mind your position. Watch your position. Don’t just click enemies. Watch where you are. Are you close to a bush where the enemy could be hiding? Are you chasing the enemy and attacking from inside the enemy tower range? Are you getting to close to the enemy when attacking? If you are a tank, are you being the first to engage the enemy? Also, if you are a tank, are you only engaging when your team is BALANCED with the enemy or when you have a chance of winning?

All these things are important. Practice, and watch the pros playing in YouTube and Twitch to learn.

Some Tips

When you start a match you get a health potion for free. This potion will remain if you throughout the whole match. If you use it, it will replenish over time so you may use it again. Use it, it’s free.

When you start a match you also get 1-2 “wards” for free (if the number is 1 or 2 depends on the game mode). If you use them, they will replenish over time so you may use them again. Use them. They are free.

Don’t try to take down either dragon if you are alone and if you are a new player. Not all heroes can solo the dragons, and not all players know how to solo the dragons. If you try to do that without know how you will only die and you may even hand the dragon to the enemy team since you will have damaged it, so the enemy team may simple come and steal the kill. At your team’s expanse. You are paying, their benefit. Is this teamwork? NO!

Always fight together with your team. This isn’t like some other MOBAs where there is a strategy of one going destroying lane towers while the rest of the team keeps fighting. This doesn’t work very well here. What will happen is your team will get destroyed and you will get ganked. Then after you are all wiped out they will make Blackclaw and crush your base. So, always fight together with your team at mid and late game.

Watch the pros playing in Twitch and YouTube. This works for most competitive games to learn how to play at a skilled level. This also works for Vainglory.

Choose two heroes to MASTER. Learn everything about them. Choose two, because one of them may get picked before you pick, so would you cry or would you pick the other one instead? Learn their skills, their strengths and weaknesses, practice with them. Read their lore if you are into them. Connect with them. This will help you in your road to a higher rank.

If you have the time and patience, watch some really pro guys playing one day. Even if it’s for 15 min. This could blow your mind.

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